Face mask machines for your business

Face mask machines for your business

Consider face mask machines for your new business

Business  Opportunity if your business is affected by the Pandemic

face mask machines for your business

Why is making face masks an important business?

Before Covit 19 Corona Virus, most masks were imported.

With the global demand there have been huge price increases, along with the continuing difficulty with logistics for supply. Purchasing face mask machines is now a becoming a esential business with good return on investment.

Is making face masks a profitable Business?

Before Covit 19 Corona Virus, most people would not have considered the face mask business.

Even without the recent price increases, with the advancement of the technology making masks is a profitable business with nett profitability of 80-100%  With the current situation the price has more than doubled and in some cases tripled. The demand has also increased many times over and looks likely to remain high for the forseeable future.
Face mask machines is now a promising business with high return on investment.

If your business will be impacted for some time it is also a realistic alternative source of income and an opportunity to keep your employees working until your business returns to normal demand.
Face mask machines

How many people do I need to operate a face mask machine?

There are fully automatic face mask machines that can be operated by one person.

It is a business that is managable with 2 people for a starter business, up to a multi level business with tens of employees.

The Face mask machines and area required can be configured acording to your budget and the area you have available to set up the machines.

Check out the information below and on this site to give you an opportunity to get your business producing income and your employees working again.
face mask machines for rectangular masks
n95-style face mask machines

How It Works


Choose the Mask Type

You can choose the mask type that is the most appropriate for your market and that will satisfy the need in your comunity for both Personal needs for the public and Business needs that exist long term.


Choose the Face Mask Machine.

There are many Face mask machines sets available.
Choose the face mask machine sets that best suits the type of masks for your market, budget and area avaialble.


Get a Price.

Once you find the machine and production output you think will fit the needs for your market, fill in the price request form.
We will send you a price, We can  also discuss any questions you have.


Rectangular mask Styles

Using Machines BF407, BF608, BF808,BF60801,BF60802, BF 60811, BF60812

Rectangular style face mask machines

Butterfly mask Style

Using Machine BF95

butterfly-style face mask machines

Standard Face mask machine sets available.

N95 style Face mask machine sets available.

We divided the collections to choose click on the face mask machine sets above for more information.

Services We Provided

Face Mask Machine Manufacturing

We manufacture Face mask machines using the highest quality components. With decades of experience in all types of production line components and systems we use the highest quality, Pneumatic parts, electric parts and all machine components.

Face Mask Machine Materials

We can supply all the Face mask materials including the Nose bridge materials, the earloop materials as well as the highest grade Mask materials for either Personal use or Medical grade.

Conveyor system for efficiency

With our experience in production processes we understand using automated systems to move components from one process to another is critical for automation and cost saving. We can custom design the set up of your machines and test and comssion them before shipping to make usre it matches the plan for the area you have for installation.

face mask machine manufacturer

Making Mask machines

Face mask machines for your business 3
Face mask machines for your business 4
Face mask machines for your business 5

Flash Sale

How much is a face mask machine?

The following is available:

1. Full-automatic production.
2. High stability, low failure rate, industrialized in appearance, sturdy without rust.
3. Computer PLC programming control, servo drive, the high degree of automation.
4. Automatic tension control of raw materials to ensure the balance of raw material tension.
5. Photoelectric detection of raw materials to avoid errors and reduce waste


General Questions

We have included some relevant questions asked by some customers and perspective customers.

If you have specific question please let us know and we will respond as soon as possible.

Most odf the questions here revolve around the mask machines.
If you have questions about conveyerl line and production line design, production and manufacturing please let us know.

What is different from other mask making machines?

We treat every project with a clean sheet and suggest the set up acording to the requirements of the customer.

This includes space available, budget, labor cost in the customers region.
From this we can suggest different structures acording to the individual instead of a one size fits all for Mask making machines.

How can we maximize the space used?

Each machine task of the mask making machine process is done by different parts of the machine.
If the space is confined or if it is an unusual shape we can design a process for moving the part of the process along a production line to the next task.  

Can we optimize since our Labor cost is high?

Our core advantage is we can design a mask making machine package according to the operating manpower you want to use. In high cost areas, we can use more automated machines and move the components automatically from process to process. 
While the purchase cost may be slightly higher and the speed lower ther need be much less human interaction if that what you require.

What is the lead time from order?

Our normal manufacturing time is approx 35 days, but this can vary.

The lead time can vary according to the current orders of Mask making machines. 
So it is better to check with us before placing to order to ensure the current workload.

Different set up with more complicated movement and integrated mask making machines can als increase the time necessary to manufacture and complete rigerous testing. 

Do you offer a Guarantee for the machines?

Yes we offer a manufacturers warranty of at least 6 months on defective components. 

We manufacture many critical systems for the Vehicle industry where down time cost are very high so we only use the highest quality components available.

For many part of the system the parts are made inhouse from high grade materials. For Electric parts we use approved components including certification like CCC and CE products. 

About face mask machine manufacturer Precision Technology

About face mask machine manufacturer Precision Technology

About face mask machine manufacturer Precision Technology

We are a face mask machine manufacturer and production process systems manufacturer. Manufacturing precision technology equipment from smaller conveyor systems for parts and parcels to production lines for Car and commercial vehicles.

We have been a face mask machine manufacturer for several years for China domestic consumption. We manufactured face masks for a limited number of companies who needed specialized designs with automation built to maximize the production process.
We were approached because many face mask machine manufacturers were not able to provide the specialized ability to build the connecting infrastructure, with the ability to connect individual machines in the process to fit the area available.

With the advent of Covid 19 we were able to increase out capability to increase face mask machine manufacturing quickly by reducing the work flow from other projects in our factory.

About face mask machine manufacturer Precision Technology 6

Just a few examples of different methods, automating the mask making proceedure.

Mask machine with 2 Ear loop welding machines on automated line

Mask machine with 4 Ear loop welding machines on automated line

About face mask machine manufacturer Precision Technology 7
About face mask machine manufacturer Precision Technology 8
About face mask machine manufacturer Precision Technology 9
About face mask machine manufacturer Precision Technology 10
About face mask machine manufacturer Precision Technology 11

About Us

Our Experience as an face mask machine manufacturer.

Our experience making production lines for Automotive ensures we understand the reliability requirment of any product we manufacture.

The lines we manufacture are integral to the cost effective running of any company we design and make products for.

We understand when the machine or production line is not working, the ability to earn income is cut short so we ensure we only use the highest grade parts and ensure any product is fully tested before shipping out. 


Our Story & Mission

We started business manufacturing production line equipment for Motorcycle companies and parts suppliers for Motorcycles companies.

Our quality ensured we built a solid reputation and our business grew from several employees.
At the same time we were approached to make machines for other industries than require switching and pneumatic co-ordination, such as the Mask machines.
Initially we were reluctant, but we agreed to produce face masks for one of the companies we have a close relationship with.
Apart from the machine requirement, they needed to be able to join the machines with connecting conveyors that switched effectively for highest production cycle.

Our main business grew to include Car and commercial production lines as the vehile industry grew. We are now one of the major production line manufacturers for the local region.

Vehicle Production Lines

We design, manufacture and install high grade vehicle production lines for all types of products from Bikes to Commercial vehicles.

Product movement conveyer lines

We design, manufacture and install all types of Conveyer lines for products such as spare parts and packaging.

We do ground based as well as overhead lines.

Face mask machine manufacturer

We product mask making machines for both types of Masks.
With rectangular masks and Butterfly styles masks
Our expertise is the ability to design and manufacture not only the highest grade machines but also the conveyors between machines.
We can build automated lines for any space available to ensure the most cost effctive positioning.

Some of our advanced equipment services

About face mask machine manufacturer Precision Technology 14