Surgical Face mask making Machine BF95

The BF95 Surgical face mask making machine is designed to completely automate the entire process required to make surgical Masks. It includes the following mask marking, ear loop welding cutting and folding. It is a fully automatic machine that can automate the procsses including material feed, nose clip welding, blank mask welding, ear loop welding with automated fold then cutting. The entire process is completed ready for QA and packing,

This type of mask is made to be closely fitted to the face and has more design difficulties so the speed is slightly lower than some systems.  It has a very low labor requirement since all the processes are automated so is very efficient for high labor cost regions.

Advantages of the BF95 Surgical face mask making machines


  • The BF95 is the premium surgical face mask making machine set.
  • It is designed to move the process in a single line with mask making machine and automatic earloop welding machine.
  • This allows for a 30-40 mask per minute speed consistently.
  • It can be used with one operator, loading the machines and monitoring the speed of the mask making machines.
  • It has a low running cost due to maximum automation.
  • Lowest labor cost per mask.
  • Includes the opportunity to include a logo on the mask.
  • Makes masks for Medical and High grade filtration.


  • Highest level Automation so it is slower than Semi-Auto systems
  • It has a higher initial capital cost.
  • It takes longer for the initial commissioning to ensure all the machines are coordinated correctly.
surgical face mask making machine BF95

Process for the BF95 Surgical face mask making machine

Surgical face mask making machine BF95 2

Types of mask made.

Surgical face mask making machine BF95 3
Surgical face mask making machine BF95 4
Surgical face mask making machine BF95 5
Model NumberBF95
Device typeFully automated mask and incorporated ear loop welding machine.
Mask Production Type3 Ply N95 Mask
Complete Mask Productivity
(In Actual Production)
35 ~ 40 Pcs / Min
Included in modelAutomatic Digital Mask machine with fully automatic Ear loop welding and cutting.
* Confirm with sales in advance
35 Days
Number of Operators1 Person, Loading materials, 1 person QA and packing.
Set-up TimeEst: 1 Days
(LxWxH mm)
10,000 x 2500 x 2000
Packaging Info.Case 1: 3.7 x 1 x 1.69 m (L x W x H)
Case 2: 1.8 x 1.4 x 1.90 m (L x W x H)
Case 3: 1.6 x 0.9 x 1.780 m (L x W x H)
Case 4: 3.3 x 1.1 x 1.80 m (L x W x H)
(1 Mask Body Machine + 2 sets of Welding Machine):
Total Weight: 3000kg
Power380V 7 Kw
Facility environment requirementsTemp. 10 ~ 40 ℃
Humidity 5 ~ 35 %
No flammability possibilities
No corrosive gas
No dust
Air Cleanliness is not less than 100,000
Correct at time of printing, please check before ordering.

Quality Components used

Surgical face mask making machine BF95 6

Rolling Folding Mould Set

Surgical face mask making machine BF95 7

Earloop Cutting and Welding

Surgical face mask making machine BF95 8


Surgical face mask making machine BF95 9

CE Certified Standard Electrical Circuit

Process for the DL95 Surgical face mask making machine flow

Simple illustration of surgical face making with the BF95 machine.


General Questions

We have included some relevant questions asked by some customers and perspective customers.

If you have specific question please let us know and we will respond as soon as possible.

Most of the questions here revolve around the mask machines.
If you have questions about conveyor line and production line design, production and manufacturing please let us know.

What is different from other mask making machines?

We treat every project with a clean sheet and suggest the set up acording to the requirements of the customer.

This includes space available, budget, labor cost in the customers region.
From this we can suggest different structures acording to the individual instead of a one size fits all for Mask making machines.

Is the process different for Surgical style masks?

Surgical or N95 style masks are more form-fitted so the masks need to be cut after the manufacture to trim the excess materials.

The surgical face mask making machines is different because all the tasks are done in a line to be able to go from materials to finish masks fully automated in one machine.
The rectangular face making machine process is usually done by two or more machines.

Can we optimize since our Labor cost is high?

Our core advantage is we can design a mask making machine package according to the operating manpower you want to use. In high cost areas, we can use more automated machines and move the components automatically from process to process. 
While the purchase cost may be slightly higher and the speed lower ther need be much less human interaction if that what you require.

What is the lead time from order?

Our normal manufacturing time is approx 35 days, but this can vary.

The lead time can vary according to the current orders of Mask making machines. 
So it is better to check with us before placing to order to ensure the current workload.

Different set up with more complicated movement and integrated mask making machines can als increase the time necessary to manufacture and complete rigerous testing. 

Do you offer a Guarantee for the machines?

Yes we offer a manufacturers warranty of at least 6 months on defective components. 

We manufacture many critical systems for the Vehicle industry where down time cost are very high so we only use the highest quality components available.

For many part of the system the parts are made inhouse from high grade materials. For Electric parts we use approved components including certification like CCC and CE products. 

How many kinds of medical facial mask machine now in the market ?

Mask machine, mask production machine, mask machines on the market are: BF608 flat mask machine, BF 95 cup mask machine, duckbill mask machine, folding mask machine, gauze mask machine and so on.
The plain mask machine series can be divided into the inner ear band mask machine, the outer ear band mask machine, and the strap mask machine according to the welding method and use method of the ear band. The production of these three kinds of flat mask requires the mask body machine. Forms an integral part of a flat mask.
English name: face mask machine, mask machine, mask making machine
Product name: mask machine, cup mask machine, duckbill mask machine, mask machine, etc.