Fully Automatic Face mask making Machine BF608 

The BF608 Fully Automatic face mask making machine is designed to reduce the labor required to make face masks.
It includes the following 1 blank mask machine and 2 ear loop welding machines connected with a belt drive and automatic sorter.

It is a fully automatic machine that can automate the process including material feed, nose clip welding, blank mask welding with automated fold then cutting. After this, the masks are sent to ear loop welding  and binding producing a completed mask ready for QA and packing,

While the speed is slightly lower than some systems it has the lowest labor requirement so is very efficient for high labor cost regions.

Advantages of the BF608 Fully automatic face mask making machine


  • The BF608 is the mid-range Automatic face mask making machine set.
  • It has one digital mask making machine and automatic two earloop welding machines.
  • This allows for a 50-80 mask per minute speed consistently.
  • It can be used with one operator, loading the machines and monitoring the speed of the mask making machines. 
  • It has a low running cost due to maximum automation.
  • Low labor cost per mask.
  • Able to make masks with logo or country of origin on them.


  • Due to Automation is it slower than Semi-Auto systems
  • It has a slightly higher initial capital cost.
  • It takes longer for the initial commissioning to ensure all the machines are coordinated correctly. 
Automatic mask making machine BF608

Process for the BF608 Fully automatic face mask making machine

Fully automatic face mask making machine BF608 2

Alternative layouts the DL608 Fully automatic face mask making machine

Types of face mask made.

The BF608 fully automatic face mask making machine can make a range of rectangular masks.
The grade of the mask depends on the components used in the manufacture of the masks.

These can be from 2 ply lower grade protective masks to 3 ply medical and surgical masks.
For medical application these are usually in less contageous application because the masks produced are not as tight fitting around the face.

This style of mask is used regularly for control of pollutants and to avoid spreading germs when people hav a cold or influenza. 

Fully automatic face mask making machine BF608 5
Fully automatic face mask making machine BF608 6
Fully automatic face mask making machine BF608 7


Model NumberBF608
Device typeFully automated mask an 2 ear loop welding machines.
Mask Production Type3 Ply Regular Mask
Complete Mask Productivity
(In Actual Production)
50 ~ 80 Pcs / Min
Included in modelAutomatic Digital Mask machine plus 2 fully automatic Ear loop welding machines
* Confirm with sales in advance
35 Days
Number of Operators1 Person, Loading materials, 2 people QA and packing.
Set-up TimeEst: 1 Days
(LxWxH mm)
6600 x 3650 x 2200
Packaging Info.Case 1: 3.3 x 1.1 x 1.78 m (L x W x H)
Case 2: 1.93 x 1.25 x 1.780 m (L x W x H)
Case 3: 1.93 x 1.25 x 1.780 m (L x W x H)
(1 Mask Body Machine + 2 sets of Welding Machine):
Total Weight: 3600kg
Power380V or 220V AC ± 5% , 50 Hz, ~ 9 Kw
Facility environment requirementsTemp. 10 ~ 40 ℃
Humidity 5 ~ 35 %
No flammability possibilities
No corrosive gas
No dust
Air Cleanliness is not less than 100,000

Correct at time of printing, please check before ordering.

Face Mask Making Flow

Simple illustration of fully automatic face mask making with the DL608 machine.

Fully automatic face mask making machine BF608 8

Advantages of the BF806 fully Automatic face mask making machine

Fully automatic face mask making machine BF608 9

Less Labor Required

Fully automatic face mask making machine BF608 10

Different configuration

Fully automatic face mask making machine BF608 11

Able to run 24 hours per day


General Questions

We have included some relevant questions asked by some customers and perspective customers and the automatic face mask making machine.

If you have specific question please let us know and we will respond as soon as possible.

This machine makes masks that can be used as surgical masks if you use the right components and apply for registration.


Difference from other mask making machine model?

The BF608 includes the  digital fully Automatic face mask making machine BF60801.
It also has two pcs of  fully automatic Ear Loop welding machines. These are joined to the Mask making machine using a conveyer belt system.

It also has switches to guide the mask body using gates and ensure the process from loading the materials to the Finished mask is automated. 

The only other chore is the do the Quality check and pack the masks.

Can we install the machines based on our plan?

We can work with you to design a process that fits the area you have to install the 3 components of the fully automatic face mask making machine
We have many different designs and since we specialize in production lines and conveyor systems we  design a process for moving the components through the entire manufacturing. All you need to do is during the quoting process is to send a plan of the area you are thinking of installing the equipment.

Please include details of the electricity supply so we are able to try to include this in the component plan for the fully automatic face mask making machine model BF608. 

Is this system the same speed as the others?

,The BF608 fully automatic face mask making machine system is designed to complete the entire process so it is not as fast as some of the other systems.
While the speed is slower and the system is slightly more costly is is designed to be operated with minimal labor requirements.

Generally speaking this system can be run and managed by one person.
With the loading of the materials and operation of the machine relatively simple.

The only other tasks that are needed with the BF608 fully automatic face mask making machine is the Quality check and the packing of the masks.

Other systems and models use more labor and more mask making machines so they are able to reach greater output. 

What is the lead time from order?

and Our normal manufacturing time is approx 35 days, but this can vary.

The lead time can vary according to the current orders of Mask making machines and any special components we need to make fo your design.
So it is better to check with us before placing to order to ensure the current workload.

Different set up’s with more complicated movement of components to the integrated mask making machines can also increase the time necessary to manufacture.
We also need time to perform complete rigorous testing before packing to send the order.

Do you offer a Guarantee for the machines?

Yes we offer a manufacturers warranty of at least 6 months on defective components. 

We manufacture many critical systems for the Vehicle industry, where down time cost are very high so we only use the highest quality components available.

For many part of the system the parts are made in-house from high grade materials.
For Electric components we use approved components including certification like CCC and CE products.