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General Questions

We have included some relevant questions asked by some customers and perspective customers about high quality face mask machine suppliers.

We make machines for Rectangular Masks and N95 butterfly style masks

If you have specific question please let us know and we will respond as soon as possible.

Most of the questions here revolve around the mask machines from different face mask machine suppliers
If you have questions about conveyor line and production line design, production and manufacturing please let us know.

What is different from other face mask machine suppliers?

We treat every project with a clean sheet and suggest the set up acording to the requirements of the customer.

This includes space available, budget, labor cost in the customers region.
From this we can suggest different structures acording to the individual instead of a one size fits all for Mask making machines.

How can we maximize the space used?

Each machine task of the mask machine process is done by different parts of the machine.
If the space is confined or if it is an unusual shape we can design a process for moving the part of the process along a production line to the next task.

Can we optimize since our Labor cost is high?

Our core advantage is we can design a mask making machine package according to the operating manpower you want to use. In high cost areas, we can use more automated machines and move the components automatically from process to process. 
While the purchase cost of the Mask machines, may be slightly higher and the speed lower there needs to be much less human interaction, if that what you require.

What is the lead time from order?

Our normal manufacturing time is approx 35 days, but this can vary.

The lead time can vary according to the current orders of Mask making machines. 
So it is better to check with us before placing to order to ensure the current workload.

Different set up with more complicated movement and integrated mask making machines can als increase the time necessary to manufacture and complete rigerous testing. 

Do you offer a Guarantee for the machines?

As premium face mask making machine suppliers we offer a manufacturers warranty of at least 6 months on defective components.

We manufacture many critical systems for the Vehicle industry where down time cost are very high so we only use the highest quality components available.

For many part of the system the parts are made inhouse from high grade materials. For Electric parts we use approved components including certification like CCC and CE products.

Mask machining Area

Face mask machine suppliers, options & Guidelines

Pick Out a Space For Your Mask making machines

We can configure the machines and operating process to be used in many different size constraints. Choose the best position available according to power and weight constraints

Measure Twice & Measure Again!

Once you hve chosen the area for you mask making machines, measure the area carefully. Please make sure there is enough room to operate each machine and still be able to work unimpeded

Let us know the labor component you require

To design the system let us know how much automation you think you feel comfortable with. We will offer our best suggestion for the area and labor requirements and send you our proposal.

Send us a plan of the area including the power outlets

From the plan we can help design the process and positioning of the machines and conveying of the components. We will include space for people to work comfortably to ensure good work habits.

DElivery and Setup

When you recieve the goods

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We will send you the documents.

Once the goods ship, we will send you all the documents for clearance with customs. Please organize a reputable clearance agent to ensure smooth transition through the port to your location. 

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Check the goods ASAP.

Check the packaging on arrival and check for any shipping damage. Unload the crates and open them to check againfor any damage. If there is any damage from shipping please notify us as soon as possible so we can send replacement parts.

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Install and connect to power

The mask making machines will be checked comprehensively before shipping and we will include assembly instructions. Our suystem is mainly component based to reduce the need for complicated work for installation.

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